Martial Arts

Little Dragons Martial Arts for boys and girls ages 4-5

Sending your small child off to that first day of Junior Kindergarten or Kindergarten makes parents feel helpless. It is so easy to worry about them, “on their own” for the first time, without your protection. And what can you do if your child is shy, delicate, or has trouble focusing or paying attention?

Halton Martial Arts can help. The Little Dragons program was created to begin teaching small children social skills, learning skills, self discipline, and increased attention span. The teaching comes from active participation, instead of memorization or verbal lessons. Children also gain coordination and motor skills.

This early learning creates a priceless foundation for achievement and confidence that affect every aspect of your child’s life. Parents also find martial arts to be a great way for kids to burn off excess energy and stay active. They begin to learn at a young age how to be aware of and deal with bullies and predators. Most of all, we make learning martial arts interactive and fun!

Parents are welcome to tour our facilities, meet with our instructors, and try a free trial class. We have a high instructor to student ratio so children get individual attention. All of our Kinder Karate classes take place in a studio where parents are welcome to watch.